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16 November 2016 - 4:22pm
Easy to Do Business
Automotive Aftermarket

Rating of the department on the basis of:

  • Register the business
  • Get electricity connection
  • Get water connection
  • Trade outside state/ country
We have a family business of automotive aftermarket in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. We tried to register the business, get water and electricity connection and register for trade outside the state/ country. It was easy for us to start the business because we took help of our sales tax consultant to get the registration process initiated. His guidance and the ‘right’ contacts he had facilitated the registration process.
My advice for others would be – go through an expert accountant or a lawyer who has an expertise in the domain of getting the business or a start up registered. Have all your documents in place for the process to be faster. And if you or your accountant or lawyer ‘know’ some government officials or have certain contacts who can help you out with these procedures, it is like icing on the cake.
Aditi Upadhyay
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