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Submitted by Prashant
9 December 2016 - 2:42pm
Not Easy to Do Business

Rating of the department on the basis of:

  • Register the business
  • Acquire land
  • Transfer property
  • Get building plan approved
  • Get electricity connection
Middleman, Corrupt Officials, Lack of information
Without a middle man no one can purchase land. From agents suggesting you to buy land to getting loans approved - everything requires a middle man. To collect each document on time you have to bribe the officials. It is their duty to issue the documents but you have to be flexible and bribe or else the procedure gets stuck. There is no one in these government offices to give you any sort of guidance. Even the information on court fee, stamps required etc. is not available.
Information about all the procedures should be available online and should also be displayed on boards in the government offices. The government officials are rude, sometimes confused themselves and not very approachable. You have to bear the brunt. Government officials should be polite, have the required knowledge about the processes and should be helpful. Carry all the possible documents and hire someone who is well aware of the government procedures.
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