Ease Of Doing Business in India The user’s Perspective

This Paper aims to find out the actual state of the ease of doing business in the country from the stakeholder’s point of view. It tries to find out has the life of a businessman in regard of doing business become easy?. So the paper discusses the actual performance of the state machine in correspondence to processes that determine the state of ease in doing business in the country Also it tries to find out the efficacy of the government in the current state with regard of EODB in India. Following are the Objectives: 

  • Cross verifying the change in business environment.
  • Finding out if the current state has actually become easy for business.
  • Documenting Experiences of entrepreneurs with regard to easiness or difficulty in running a business.
  • Finding specific areas of difficulty with regard to ‘Setting up and running a business based on Entrepreneur’s insight’ and coming up with recommendations accordingly.