Policy Briefs

Recommendations to ease the regulatory environment for Micro, Small and Medium size enterprises and to expand their role in creating productive employment and grassroot economic growth

In this brief note, we list the 12 main policy reforms that need to be implemented in order to allow ease of doing business for MSMEs.

Decongesting Cheque Bounce Cases

Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act has been identified as one of the biggest bottlenecks clogging the disposal of cases in India. It has failed to deter cases of dishonour of cheques due to the sheer size of litigation faced by the courts. We recommend radical reforms to deal with the huge arrears of cheque bounce cases.

Contract enforcement in India

This 8 point action plan seeks to create a framework for time and cost effective contract enforcement. India can cut down the number of procedures by 10 digits by implementing simple technological changes such as online service of notice and pro-actively supplying a copy of the judgment online.